Dear Parents,

Check this page for any new news or reminders for the BCS Battle
Feb 10, 2014

Reminder—no costumes can have Battle book titles or Battle Authors on them.

Don’t forget to sign up for lunch donations with Mrs. Regan on the Sign-up Genius.

Wednesday ,Feb 12, 2014 is District-Wide Battle Day

BCS Battle Agenda

8:00 Parent Table Coaches report to Media Center (right rear of media center- Battle Castle area)
8:20 School Bell Rings
8:30 Teachers bring Battlers to the Media Center.
8:30 Parent Table Coaches: Introduce themselvesDetermine scribe for team. Have studentsdo round robin, introductions noting book experts, Battlersvote on favorite book, which they tally and past to judgesTeam prepares to make 20 second shout out of team name & motto.
8:45 Battle Officially Begins: Welcome and Introduction of judges- Mrs. ClarkIntroduction of Mrs. Regan to explain lunchPresentation of each Battle Team and PhotosReview of Battle Rules
9:10AM Let the Battle Begin ( 45-60 minutes)
10:10 Rest Room / Lunch Break /
Selected Team Members find any answers for contested questions with page #
10:20 Lunch ( Students called by Battle Teams)
11:10:-12:10 Reconvene. Announcement of any rulings by judges that have not been shared. Thank parents and Battle supporters. Presentation of ribbons & medals. Beginning with six ribbon students. Each student comes to the front. Principals present and shake hands of students. Announcement of winning team and presentation. Group pictures for each category by school will be taken in designated photo spots as next group is called.

January 28 , 2014---Eleven more school days until Battle.

Friday, January 31, 2014 is Gold Medal Qualifying Day. I will stay one hour after choice hour for any student needing to take a test to qualify for the gold medal. I leave at 5:05 Friday.

The Battle Book Club Schedule is posted to the Battle Wiki home page and on the left panel.

Please be sure that your child is signed up for their expert book clubs. Sign-up Sheets will be posted outside the Media Center. All Battlers should be attending a minimum of the two book clubs for books which they are expert. Battlers may attend more book clubs if they desire. Students should bring their completed Book Club Ticket and their Battle Book. They should be ready to discuss the book and bring questions about anything you didn't understand.

Team sheets are in the media center, but I unable to post those, as they have phone numbers and email addresses on them. Mrs. Clrark is in PD all day on Wednesday, Jan 29th. If your child missed the Battle social or failed to get his/her team sheet and packet, please contact Socha Brown( and she will email you the team info sheet. Battle Packet is downloadable from the Battle Wiki.

January 17, 2014
BCS Battle Social-Click this link for information about the Battle Social

Jan/9/ 2014--
Battle Reminder: Battle qualifying date is extended to Wednesday, January 15, 2014 Battlers wanting to make a Battle Team will need to have read and passed the Compass Learning Quizzes for a minimum of 6 Battle Books. Please remind your child that if they need to retake a quiz, to see Mrs. Clark. We are limited to the number of times we can reset a quiz. Mrs. Clark will be available until 5pm on Wednesday 2014 for any student needing to take a quiz after choice hour that day.

SAVE THE DATES--- Battle Enrichment Programs at the Baldwin Library

Monday, January 13, 2014 4:15 pm- What's Happening to the Honey Bees? Come hear Dr. Michael D. Stafford, Director of the Cranbrook Institute of Science, who is also an anthropologist, an archaeologist and a passionate bee keeper. He will talk about the honey bee situation described in the Battle book The Hive Detectives.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014 at 7:00pm
The Battle Book Dangerous Waters taught us about the perils of the sea. Experience the beauty of the sea with the Pat and Randy Judd program, Exploration under the Sea- Scuba Demonstration. You will see scuba diving equipment, film of actual dives, and hear about scuba diving from the experts. Randy and Pat have introduced divers to some of the most sought after destinations on our planet. All of these amazing underwater adventures are organized by Rec Diving of Royal Oak.


Dear Battle Parents,
We have four more weeks before students qualify for a Battle Team. Students should be at book three or four by now, as they must read six books and pass the Compass Learning quiz by Jan. 10th to make a Battle Team. We have been circulating two Battle books over the weekend if a student is almost done with one by Friday and wants to take another home.

If your child needs audio, please have them see me. We have a list going and it is first come first serve. We don’t want any audio or Battle books left in the library over the Christmas break. See important Battle dates below.

We would also like to get all of the pictures of students wearing a Battle Shield and Sword when they read six books and pass the Compass Learning quiz. Please have your child see me or if they don’t score at least 60% so I can review the book with them.


  • Qualify for Battle Team - Friday, January 10, 2014 (end of week 11)
  • Qualify for Gold - Friday, January 31, 2014 (end of wk 14)
  • BCS Battle Social - Thursday, January 23, 2014 (4:00 p.m.)
  • Battle Day - Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2014

If I don’t see you before break, have a great holiday.

The Battle Discussion Board is now open to Battlers.Battlers should feel free to post any questions they have about his book to our board. (See quesiton posted by Mrs. Clark under Emerald Atlas.) Students listed under the book ttles have agreed to be Battle Buddies to help me answer questions. Follow the directions below.--Mrs. Clark

1. Click the Discussion tab to the right of the edit button.
2. Click "New Post" and enter on the subject line your first name, first initial of your last name,your grade and

3. Then enter your question in the message box and then press post.
We will try to answer all questions on a weekly basis.
4. To check your question, just click on your name after you post.


  1. BATTLE IS A CHOICE ENRICHMENT OPPORTUNITY. BATTLE COMES AFTER HOMEWORK AND CLASSROOM ASSIGNMENTS. Battle runs for 16 weeks from October 28- February 12th. Battlers have ten weeks to qualify for Battle by reading six books and passing the Battle quizz on each at a 60% level. We have developed the assessment not to keep any child out of Battle but to assure that those making a team have minimumly read the books. Students pass the Battle Quizzes with no difficulty.
  2. HELP FOR DEVELOPING READERS- We have a number of strategies and resources to help devleoping readers who want to particpate in Battle at the team level. Please have your child see Mrs. Clark. Four of our Battle books are also available on audio-Unwanteds, Emerald Atlas, Mighty Miss Malone, and Inside Out and Back Again. Battle passes are available during recess time for quiet reading in the Battle castle. Battle Choice Hour provides additional reading time and a discussion board.
  3. BATTLE BOOK CHECKOUT-Students can only check out one Battle Book at a time. On Friday, if they are close to being finished with a Battle Book, they may check out a 2nd book, as we don't want Battle books sitting idle over the weekend in the Media Center.
  4. BATTLE READING-We advise that students not race to finish books books early, but rather to pace themselves and read one Battle book a week. They have until January 10, 2014 to qualify for Battle with six books. Students going for the gold medal have and additional three weeks; until Jan31st to read ten books. Every Battler must pass the Compass Learning Assessment to get credit for having read a Battle Book.Students who race to finish, usually forget what the books are about by the time the Battle Day actually comes in February.
  5. TAKING BATTLE QUIZZES-Students should take the Battle Quiz as soon as they read the book. Quizzes must be taken at school, during regular school hours. Please remind your Battler that they should review the book before taking the assessment.The Battle quiz is not difficult. It is a baseline knowledge level questions that can easily be answered if the Battler has read the book.Battlers must answer six out of ten questions correctly Quiz taking directions are posted at all the computers in the media center.Once you start a quiz, you must finish it. Once you hit stop, it assesses all answers submitted and counts all questions not answered as incorrect. The Quizzes can be taken in ten minutes.
  6. BATTLE QUIZ RETAKES- See Mrs. Clark or Mrs. Truesdell. We cannot reset the program for retakes like we have done with AR. Know that Compass Learning is limited to one retake, as we must request a retake test be formulated and posted to that student. The Media Center is open during lunch and choice hours. We have a notebook in the media center where students can post their names and the test they need to retake. Have your Battler see Mrs. Clark before they retake, as we can review the book.
  7. BATTLE SHIELDS AND STICKERS- Once a student passes the Battle Quiz ( minimum of 60%), they personalize their shield with their name on the front and their teacher's name on the back. Every Battle Book has a sticker envelope. Students get a sticker and place it on their shield. They then tape the shield to our Battle Wall at the front of the media center next to their teacher's name. We take photos of Battlers, once they have earned six stickers, and add their photo to their shield.